MVT3000D Digital Temperature Sensor

The MVT3000D series of temperature sensors offer high accuracy temperature measurements over a wide temperature range with micro-watt levels of power consumption.  These highly miniaturized smart sensors are fully calibrated and provide standard digital  I2C outputs to enable plug-and-play integration. The MVT3000D series are compatible with a wide range of supply voltages, and the resolution of the temperature measurements can be programmed for maximum flexibility and to minimize power consumption, depending on the application and operating conditions.

Example application: Medical instrumentation equipment.

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Performance summary

Temperature accuracy  ±0.2°C typ. (-10 to +80°C)
 Operating range -40 to +125°C
 response time Down to 2 sec. typ.
 Supply voltage range 1.8 – 5.5 V
 Current consumption As low as 1.0 µA (8-bit, 1 T/s)
 Form-factor 3 × 2.4 × 0.8 mm
 Digital interface I2C
Temperature Accuracy Plot