MVH3001D ±1.5% RH

MVH3001D Digital Humidity and Temperature Sensor

MVH3001D Digital Relative Humidity and Temperature Sensor

The MVH3001D is the highest accuracy miniature digital relative humidity and temperature sensor in the world. It is well-suited for the most stringent accuracy applications, where sensor performance needs to be best-in-class under a wide range of environmental conditions.

Example application: Medical instrumentation equipment.

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Performance summary

 Relative humidity accuracy±1.5% RH typ. (10 – 90%RH, 25ºC)
 Temperature accuracy±0.2°C typ. (-10 – 80°C)
 Relative humidity response time6 sec. typ.
 Supply voltage range1.8 – 5.5 V
 Current consumptionAs low as 1.0 µA (8-bit, 1 RH+T/s)
 Form-factor3 × 2.4 × 0.8 mm
 Digital interfaceI2C
Relative Humidity Accuracy PlotTemperature Accuracy Plot
MVH3001D Relative Humidity AccuracyMVH3001D Temperature Accuracy